New here?

What is this blog about?

This is my blog (Giselle Vermehren, nickname Pyxis) and I write most of its articles but from time to time you can see some guests posts.

This blog is dedicated to anime/dorama/manga/movies related subjects, popular brazilian traditions and to help you discover the Amazon rainforest and how it’s like to be vegetarian girl living in a country where barbecues and feijoada are worshiped. To be the “different clover”.

I write about my life, games I play, movies I watch, songs I listen, different cultures, travels, food, the Universe, health lifestyle and nature. And who knows, maybe you and I share some tastes, ideas and ideals!

How often will it be updated?

Usually once a week, sometimes far more than that. It depends on my inspiration.

Does it have a Facebook page?

Yes ⇒ 🙂

How to read?

If some posts have a “read more” tag. You gotta click it to read the full article.

⌈ Feel free to comment (by clicking at the balloon or at the “Leave a reply” / “Comments” links below post titles), like our Facebook page and please subscribe (you can use your e-mail adress on the side menu)! I hope you enjoy! ♥ ⌉

2 thoughts on “New here?

  1. Hi! I chanced upon your website while browsing LINEPLAY. 🙂 cute avatar and blog! Will check out your blog when I have the time. It’s late here and I need to sleep. 😪

    Liked by 1 person


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