My Beloved Sweetheart

Felipe is my beloved sweeheart. We’ve been together for the past 10 years. He was a big exception in my life in many ways. For a start, he was my first (and only) boyfriend to ever live in same city as me. So we never had to spend too much time apart from each other, except for that time I spent in Santa Fe, NM.


Aren’t we the cutest together?


We met someday of July in 2005 in a really awkward way. We used to play Ragnarok Online game and although I don’t quite remember the exact day, I do remember it was the day of the first “War of Emperium” on the Iris server.
That day, I was playing at a cyber cafe and talking to my guild mates on TeamSpeak when suddenly a boy next to me asked if I was “X” (whichever nickname I used back then) and I answeared yes, so he introduced himself and said he was “Y” (whichever nickname he used back then). There were not many people in my city who used to play that game, but there were certainly many cyber cafes like that, there were also three major servers on that game and thousands of gamers around the country. What were the odds of me and him, playing the same game, being at the same server, same guild, same place, same day, same time, seating right next to eath other? Not many, I’m suppose. We became friends and a couple of months later (on October 3, 2005) we started to date and here we are until now. And that’s pretty much how we met – by destiny!


Hail to the king (he’s prolly going to be really mad at me if he ever sees I uploaded this picture but, c’mon he looks hot)! 😉


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