Memories for a lifetime

I’ve been home for a week now and (almost) everything is alright. My dog got a little sick but he’s recovering well already and truth be told: I couldn’t realize how much I really missed here until I returned.

I even missed things I thought I disliked, such as washing dishes and the incredibly hot weather of Manaus. And I started to value little things I used to barely notice before: Like my city pretty pale skies, always full of clouds. The sight of the majestic Negro river while I take my daily walks. The humid air outdoors, the dry air-conditioned air indoors. Being surrounded by familiar places and familiar people and obviously, being around the ones I love and cherish.
Nevertheless, I probably need to thank my trip to Santa Fe for all those realizations. It was a really good experience indeed. Not only because it made me recognize all of that, but also because of the great places and people I met in the process. People, I must add, I’ll make sure to never forget even if I never see them again and whom certainly became part of who I currently am.
As a goodbye thanks to that “city different”, I made a list of the places I enjoined most there, I already wrote about some of them like the Museums of International Folk Arts and the Tent Rocks of Kasha Katue and they are all very interesting and beautiful. Here it goes:

New Mexico Wildlife Center
Among all the places I’ve been in New Mexico, this was probably one of my favourites!


New Mexico Wildlife Center

It’s not secret I’m not a big fan of zoos (for many reasons). But the NW Wildlife Center is not really a zoo. It’s a place where they try to rehabilitate animals and return them to where they belong, which is in my opinion, what every place that works with wild animals should do, even though some animals can’t be rehabilitated (unfortunately). It was founded by a veterinary years ago.


This hawk was blinded by gunshot and couldn’t be rehabilitated. Now it helps teaching people about hawks

There you can learn about and sometimes see different species of owls, hawks, reptiles, bobcats and even a gray fox that was once sold as a pet and sadly will never be able to return to its true home. But the center tries to provide the best care possible for those animals in this kind of situation.

Isotopes Baseball Park


Isotopes Park

When I was a kid I was a big fan of baseball. Once I grew up I kinda putted it aside, but New Mexico resurrected it in me. Watching this baseball game was fantastic, the stadium is awesome and even though the home team had lost, it was really great to be able to witness a live home run!


Me at the Las Vegas x Albuquerque baseball match

Tsuque Flea Market
Surprising (or not) there were no fleas at all! Only amazing turquoise jewelery, pottery and exotic food. I tasted a truly pink lemonade made of cactus fruits and brought Felipe a real Sheriff star (for he is the sheriff of my heart <3)!


Tsuque Flea Market entrance yard

Cliff’s amusement park
As the name suggests, it’s an amusement park! With cool roller coasts and some other nice rides. It’s not very big but it’s certainly fun!


When I was there at Cliff’s I decided it would be a good opportunity to test my brand new selfie stick and then some photobombs appeared. Seriously I have no idea of who those people were, they just photobombed and it was fun! xD

Kakawa’s Chocolates


Kakawa’s front door

I truly believe they sell the best chocolate in the world! Seriously, there are many different kinds of chocolates and ice cream and every single one of them looked deliciously amazing!

It’s located in downtown Santa Fe (and there are many other interesting places to see around there as well, like the cathedral and passing artists at the main square).


Some of the great variety of chocolates they have!

Jean Cocteau Cinema

A movie theater owned by George R. R. Martin himself, do I have to say more?


I watched “Pixels” with some of my classmates. It was a really good day!

Well, whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, you’d love it. This is one of the oldest movie theaters in New Mexico, it was opened as the Collective Fantasy Cinema in 1976, later renamed and, a few years ago, Mr. George R. R. Martin bought and got it all reformed. Now it regularly shows both classic and new movies, apart from being a coffee house.

There’s only one screen and it’s kinda small but high quality. There are cute little curtains covering the screen that open up once the movie starts, giving you that old fashioned cinema mood. You can also buy signed books and other cool memorabilia. It’s a one of a kind experience!

There are also rumors that when he’s not busy writing or doing GoT related stuff, George R. R. Martin would be found hanging around there, although I didn’t see him on that day. 😦

There are other places where I couldn’t go but I heard about them from other people who went and they all seemed really incredible. Like the Santa Fe Opera, the Gravity park, the Ghost Ranch, the Taos Pueblo and the Bandelier National Monument (I really wish I’d went to this one, maybe next time?).

I’m really grateful for being able to been through this and like I said before, I’ll never forget it. Not to mention I had this huge upgrade in my English skills. It’ll probably take a while though until I stop automatically saying “excuse me” to people I pass by or throwing toilet paper into the toilet seat (yes, in Brazil we throw it inside the trash bin).

The state of New Mexico have many different, sometimes curious and always amazing places. Santa Fe is a calm and sunny city and its surrounded by many interesting things to do, to go and to see. Surely worths your visit!

Going back home

So, tomorrow I’m going on my long journey back to Brazil. Although I’ll spend more than 24h hours between airports and flights, I cannot lie: I’m really excited about finally getting back home! 😁


Taken that day at the “blue and the red museums”

This all-alone-trip to the USA was a good experience though. First of all, I made some awesome friends which I hope I can stay in touch even though we live at different places. And I was also able to think deeply about many things in my life and figured out home is not really about a place, it’s about people who make you feel like home – and that’s a important lesson I’ll keep for the rest of my life.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s been part of this, specially to my teacher Regina Ress, to the SFUAD staff member Wendy (probably the kindest person I ever met and who helped me to “save my nose” many times), to the whole SFUAD staff, to my classmates and to the people I met along the way. Thank you! Thank you Santa Fe, “the city different”. Thank you all! I’ll never forget you and I hope our paths will get crossed someday/somehow again. 😊

Tent Rock Hike

Tent rocks, also called hoodoos, are tall and thin spires of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badlands. The Kasha Katuwe national monument in New Mexico is a group of tent rock formations located inside the Cochiti pueblo. Its opened to visitors who want a day of adventure hiking and trailing through the stunning beauty of those rocks.


It’s an amazing place, just don’t forget your sun lotion!

It’s around one hour driving from Santa Fe and you can choose your path between the Canyon trail and the Cave loop, both amazing at their own ways. During your trail you can be in touch with desert vegetation such as dead piñions, nurture plants and manzanita, reptiles, baby tent rocks and sand dunes.


Choose your path!

It’s strongly recommended that you remain with a group of other people (It doesn’t need to be a large one though) and don’t try “funny things”, since the floor can be slippery and there may be snakes around. Nevertheless, it definitely worths visiting!


Selfie at the bottom of the mountain? Why not? :~


The Blue and the Red Museums in Santa Fe, NM

Today my vacation English immersion class and I visited the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture and the Museum of international Folk Art in Santa Fe, NM. The places host a big variety of interesting pieces, from ancient Indian turquoise jewelry to the origins of the red color, I pet named them “The Blue and the Red Museums”.


Worse part of the visit: choose from which museum you are going to start your tour ;P

Most of assets being displayed at the Musem of Indian Arts and Culture belonged to the Navajo and the Apache people. They have clothing, pottery, paintings, sculptures, archeological artifacts and many many turquoise pieces. There you can also listen to some of the “Pueblos” languages and music, and they sound very beautiful.


We are not allowed to take pictures from the inside of the museums, but even their outsides are stunning!

One thing that certainly caught my eye was a painting of a traditional Japanese and a Native American women together. As a reference to the Bering Strait Theory, which my grandfather and I are strong supporters.

You can walk around the museum by yourself or have a guided tour, I did a bit of both but unfortunately we are not allowed to take pictures from the inside.


Purple is my number one favourite color and guess what? It’s made out of blue and red! 🙂

At the Museum of international Folk Art you can travel back in time and find more about “The red that colored the world” (currently on exhibition). You see, human beings are one of the selected species who are actually able to see the color red (for your information, dogs and cats can’t). And it only spread around the world by the 16th century Mexico, when Spanish explorers encountered the cochineal beetle in an Aztec Marketplace.

Unfortunately, Conchineal beetles are used even today in the food industry. Like to color some strawberry yogurts, for example.  


Yes, I did (and blue as well)!

There are other interesting places nearby and although we didn’t go there I’m sure they are all as worthy as the Blue and Red ones. If you’re in Santa Fe, you should definitely spare some time to go and visit those places. There’s history, there’s culture and there’s plenty of art.


I bought this little fella there. It looks exactly like a small hare that shows up everyday at the SFUAD campus and it’s probably one of the cutest things in the world! I asked Felipe to name it and, well… meet “Van Dame”, the plushie hare (Although I feel like just calling it “Hoppy”)! ;D

For more information about those museums, please check on their websites:

New video: USA Trip (last part) – New Mexico

And here’s the last part of my USA Trip video series. Enjoy!

PS: I’m not sure if I’ll continue uploading videos from now on. But the blog still goes on!