So yeah, I’m still alive

College is owning me over and I don’t have much time lately, sorry ūüė¶

I also lost my old domain to the internet pirates, so from now one let’s use instead. I also took the Facebook page down (because I didn’t have time to update it anymore). Thanks for your support until this moment and happy holidays!

Quick update: I’m no longer blonde and I’m currently playing Pok√©mon Moon.

Brunette me

Brunette me

Ainda estou viva

Mas a faculdade t√° complicada e ando meio sem tempo, desculpe, ūüė¶

Meu antigo domínio também foi raptado pelos piratas da vida e de agora em diante vou usar mesmo. Também tirei a página do Facebook do ar por falta de tempo para atualizá-la. Muito obrigada pelo apoio até aqui e boas festas!

Pequena atualização: Não sou mais loira (vide foto) e estou jogando Pokémon Moon.

Veterinary Internship

(Tradução para o Português no fim da página)

Today I met death… Again.

In case you haven’t followed, I started my veterinary medical¬†internship last week (Jan 24). In Brazil you can start your internships as early as from the 3rd semester in college (however, there are many limitations on what you can and cannot do as an intern) and since I’m about to start my fourth semester, here I go.

I'm an intern at an emergency clinic, therefore, me and the other interns must wear those scrubs all the time. I like it though. Fa√ßo est√°gio numa cl√≠nica de emerg√™ncias, ent√£o o pijama cir√ļrgico √© obrigat√≥rio como "uniforme".

I’m an intern at an emergency clinic, therefore, me and the other interns must wear those scrubs all the time. I like it though. /¬†Fa√ßo est√°gio numa cl√≠nica de emerg√™ncias, ent√£o o pijama cir√ļrgico √© obrigat√≥rio como “uniforme”.

My first day was crazy, awkward and awesome at the same time! I was feeling veeeeeeeeery insecure at the beginning, but the other interns, doctors and technicians were all so patient and nice to me and I learned a lot from them. And every time I go there I come back home with another huge package of freshly acquired knowledge and experience.

However, sometimes it can get¬†tough and psychologically stressful. And like I said, “today I met death again” and it was much closer than I wished. We’ve putted a puppy to sleep – she was a llittle stray dog brought by a kind gentleman who saw her dying on the streets and tried to help. Unfortunately, she had the Canine Distemper Virus at a very advanced stage and there was nothing left to do… but that. I wasn’t the one to do the procedures, but I held her and patted her until she stopped breathing. It was a very sad moment, for everyone.

Despite these kind of things being¬†routine in veterinary medicine, it’s still definitely difficult to me because, although I don’t want to see any living creature to suffer, I don’t think I have the right to decided when it’s their time “to go”.

I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with it in the future (though I’m pretty sure there will come a day when I’ll have to), I just hope I can find a good way to cope with. As of the moment, I just wish that baby is at the rainbow bridge now, having all the fun and caring that¬†was denied¬†to her in Earth. Rest in peace, little one.

(Portuguese translation below)

Hoje eu me encontrei com a morte… De novo.

Caso voc√™s n√£o tenham acompanhado, eu comecei meu est√°gio em clinica m√©dica e cir√ļrgica de medicina veterin√°ria semana passada (dia 24 de Fevereiro). No Brasil, voc√™ pode come√ßar a estagiar desde o terceiro per√≠odo de faculdade (embora haja muitas limita√ß√Ķes quanto ao que voc√™ pode ou n√£o fazer) e j√° que vou iniciar meu quarto per√≠odo este ano, aqui vou eu!

Meu primeiro dia foi uma loucura Рfoi estranho e incrível ao mesmo tempo. Eu estava muuuuuito insegura no começo, mas os outros estagiários, bem como os médicos e auxiliares foram todos muito pacientes e gentis comigo e me ensinaram bastante coisa. E todos os dias que volto de lá, venho com uma bagagem enorme de novos conhecimentos e experiências.

Entretanto, √†s vezes as coisas podem ser dif√≠ceis e, como eu disse, “hoje eu me encontrei com a morte de novo”. E foi muito mais pr√≥ximo do que eu gostaria – n√≥s botamos uma filhotinha para dormir. Era uma cadelinha de rua, trazida por um bondoso senhor que a encontrou nas ruas e tentou ajudar. Infelizmente, ela tinha Cinomose em estagio avan√ßado e n√£o havia mais nada a ser feito. N√£o fui eu quem realizou o procedimento em si, mas eu a segurei e acariciei¬†at√©¬†que ela parasse de respirar. Foi um momento muito triste, para todos.

Apesar de coisas assim serem rotineiras na medicina veterin√°ria, √© ainda muito dif√≠cil para mim lidar com esse tipo de situa√ß√£o porqu√™, embora eu n√£o queira ver nenhuma criatura sofrer, eu n√£o me vejo no direito de decidir quando √© a hora certa de “deixar partir”. Entendem?

Eu ainda não sei bem como vou lidar com isso no futuro (embora eu saiba que eventualmente eu vou precisar dar um jeito), eu só espero que eu consiga encontrar uma boa forma de enfrentamento. Por hora, tudo que desejo é que aquela bebezinha esteja agora na ponte do arco-iris, recebendo todo o cuidado e carinho que lhe foram negados na Terra. Descanse em paz, pequenina.


Hi everyone, how was your holidays? I hope you’re all having a terrific new year! And if you’re looking for a good anime series to start watching in 2016 I recommend “Erased“, currently being streamed by Crunchyroll (Yeah, I know. Felipe is turning me into an anime person).

This is how a Kiwi usually looks like when cutted in half

This is how a Kiwi usually looks like when cutted in half

As for me, right now I’m trying to get rid of the few pounds I gained during Christmas, New Year and birthday (it was last week, January 3) celebrations. You see I have this genetic tendency to obesity so I gotta keep my weight in track all the time. However, it’s harder than usual during holidays because of delicious food (specially cakes).

Lucky me, I can lose weight almost as fast as I gain it. I usually cut my calories intake, avoid certain types of food and keep doing my daily exercises. But since I’m a huge sweet tooth I can’t live happily without sugar. That’s why yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy sweet fruits and guess what? I realized I am totally retarded (lol)! Why, you ask? Well, I simply adore Kiwis, but I never saw it for sale anywhere. I thought maybe it was because some fruits are hard to find around here in Manaus and Kiwi was one of them but last night I found out that I had no clue how a Kiwi looked like inside its shell… -_-

Fortunately, this time I read the small tags under the shelves and discovered I could have always bought so many Kiwis before (if only I had read the tags), it has always been there, in my face! And it’s not even as expensive as many other fruits that aren’t regularly farmed here (like strawberries, strawberries are really expensive in Manaus).

...And this is how it looks inside its shell. Who would have known, right?

…And this is how it looks inside its shell. Who would have known, right?

So I bought some Kiwis and other fruits and discovered I’m a professional Kiwi peeler! All you have to do is cut it in two halves and, with the help of a spoon, gently separate the pulp from the shell.

Kiwis are wonderful berries. They have a monstrous amount of vitamin C, taste bittersweetly delicious and are really light in calories: Around 50 kcal per 100g. If you’re trying to lose weight like me, you should definitely add kiwis to your diet. There are many recipes around the web, but I personally like to eat it raw or juiced. It goes marvelously with pineapples and bananas.

My boyfriend’s got a cat – Why you should spay/neuter you pets

[UPDATE РDecember, 9]: Since Sr. Gato and his tabby brother (we are still working on a good name) seem to be really closer to each other, we decided to keep both ♥]

May I introduce you to Felipe‘s cat, “Sr. Gato”:


“Sr. Gato” (on the right), his gray tabby brother and best buddy (temporarily named as¬† “Guloso”) and other siblings at 4 weeks old

He is a black and white mongrel cat and was adopted from a litter of six. His mother is owned our friend Mariana who’s also keeping one of his siblings (the yellow tabby one, she named him “Tanjal”). Sr. Gato and his litter mates are already going to good and loving homes, but unfortunately not all puppies and kitties are this lucky.

The number of abandoned animals grows everyday around the world –¬†Brazil is no different. There aren’t enough shelters (if any at all) and there are already too many stray dogs and cats on the streets.


Sr. Gato and I (yes, I’ve recently dyed my hair brown)

Lately¬†some activist and kind-hearted people are engaging on projects to raise awareness of how important it is neutering/spaying pets in an attempt to decrease those numbers, but there’s still a very long way to go. Specially because many people in Brazil (mostly men but women too) are still reluctant to spay their pets due to silly human beliefs.

 Spaying and neutering makes a big difference: Just one unaltered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years. In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens! РPeople for the Ethical Treatment  of Animals

Spaying/Neutering not only helps to decrease the number of stray animals but also eliminates the discomfort females endure during heat periods and makes males less likely to roam, fight or get involved into accidents as they scape on the streets. It also reduces the risk of many types of cancer and other diseases.

Therefore, if you’re not a professional breeder, spaying/neutering is surely the best thing you can do not only for your beloved pet’s sake but also for the sake of many others.

Needless to say, Sr. Gato is going to be neutered as soon as he reaches the proper age.


Sr. Gato, his siblings and their mother “Madona”


See you in a couple of weeks

I’m going on a little hiatus from blogging. But I’ll return in a couple of weeks (the Facebook page will still be updated though). See you there!

PS: Felipe and I celebrated our 10th anniversary together, yay for us!


10 years of craziness celebrated (October, 3)!