LINE I ♥ Coffee

I ♥ Coffee is an iOS/Android Coffee Shop simulation game developed by PATI Studio and powered by LINE Corp. It’s similar to other restaurant/bakery management games, however it’s far more complex than most of them. Definitely the best one I’ve played so far (and I played lots of them).

LINE I ♥ Coffee

LINE I ♥ Coffee

You start the game running a small coffee shop. You’ll have a few coffee recipes and only 1 employee. Then you must complete several quests, roast your own beans, upgrade your old recipes and learn new ones as well. You’ll also be able to expand your shop, hire more employees (and keep them happy), advertise your business, take special guests orders, fulfill achievements and have an unthinkable amount of decoration options.

LINE I Coffee additionally has nice multiplayer features, where you can add both your LINE friends and/or you I Love Coffee only friends*. You can help them doing their quests, exchanging items and visit their shops. It also provides in-app purchases but they are completely optional. It’s not a pay-to-win kind of game!

This is my current shop

This is my own current shop

Wether you’re a hardcore or a more casual player, this game will certainly entertain you for several hours everyday. And If you wanna add me as your I Love Coffee neighbour my LINE ID is “gvermehren”. See you there!

And if you’re looking for tips and tricks for this game, I’d recommend this blog:


*You’ll need a LINE account to fully enjoy multiplayer features

Ps: the first time you login into the game there will be a huge update, I’d recommend to turn off the auto lock on your device until it’s fully loaded. But don’t worry, it’s only for this first update, next time it’s gonna be pretty much normal and quick.


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