About the current political situation in Brazil

This week the Chamber of Deputies president Eduardo Cunha and other opposition representatives began a process to impeach Brazil’s president, Dilma Rouseff. And although it was already rejected by the Supreme Court, the overall mood in the country isn’t cheerful.

Brazil is currently facing a crisis so bad that more than 59% of the people thinks our president should be impeached. I’m not really a political person but there are some matters that cannot be ignored and I must say, despite I’m not in favor of our current president, I don’t see how an impeachment could improve the situation either. Kenneth Rapoza from Forbes synthetized my opinion about this whole situation on his article: Why Impeaching Brazil’s President Dilma Is A Bad Idea that I strongly recommend you to spare a few minutes to read.

It’s a real shame that some parties seem to be taking advantage of people’s discontent (and a bit of political ignorance) to stir things up even more. We all have the right to be completely “fed up” with this whole chaotic situation, but as magnificently stated by Forbes, impeaching our president won’t solve anything and will probably just make it all worse.



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