Surviving Disturbing Classes

I’m having a class called Criação e Produção Animal (something like Livestock production and management) at college. It’s basically about how to handle cattle, chickens and pigs for the meat industry and maximize profits. Which means: about all the things that bother me and that I really despise. I guess I don’t need to mention I feel very uncomfortable at this class, right?

And although the teacher does seem like a good person, she is (like many) openly in favor of animal slavery testing and consumption. Since I’m studying to be a veterinary physician, there isn’t much I can do about it but sit in there quietly and try to endure it.

You see, I consider my university a good one. Compared to others in Brazil it is far more concerned about animal welfare. We use anatomic models in classes (check the picture below), the university doesn’t keep caged animals for experimentation, things like that. But this class is (unfortunately) mandatory for the course because many vets work in this area.


My “oh my gosh. I don’t wanna mess this up” face while testing an anatomic model fake “blood” during anatomy class.

I’m also the only vegetarian in my class and I don’t wanna be that annoying veg who’s always complaining about everything and trying to force people into their convictions because I don’t think that’s the right way to do it. So I try not to argue much during those classes, but sometimes it gets really difficult to remain silent. 😦

I’m accepting tips on how to keep a clear state of mind while I listen to my teacher talking about farms, breeding, slaughter, murderer… What I usually do now is just to take a deep breath, stare at a wall and hope for the time to pass quickly. It kinda works. Well, sometimes at least.

Have any of you ever experienced somethig like that? What did you or do you do in this kind of situation?

Off topic: Since it’s getting really hot lately, this week I had my dog’s hair shaved. I did it myself and I think he looks definitely cute!

Raik seemed to like his new haircut as well


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