10 Japanese Doramas You Must Watch

I’m totally a Japanese Dorama freak! Not that I dislike Korean Doramas, it’s just that since I can’t speak a single word in Korean and I can speak a bit of Japanese I kinda feel better watching the Japanese ones.

I’m always watching some Dorama series (way more than anime or other TV shows) and I made a list of the ones I found more interesting on the past few monthes that you certainly won’t regret seeing. Here it goes:

1 – Switch Girl and Switch Girl 2: Probably one of the cutest doramas I’ve ever watched and very loyal to the manga version. It’s about a girl with ON and OFF modes that can be switched according to the situation. With the amazing Mariya Nishiuchi, who is one of my favourite japanese actresses and co-starring Renn Kiriyama as her romantic partner Arata.

Mariya Nishiuchi as Tamya Nika from Switch Girl

Mariya Nishiuchi as Tamiya Nika from Switch Girl

2 – Detarame Hero: Meaning something like “random Hero”. It’s Funny and yet touching story about the transformation of a slob guy into a real hero after being putted in charge of his 8-year-old nephew and the acquisition of some “strange pills” that provide super powers to those who eat them. Starring Ryuta Sato as the protagonist Kenta.

3 – No Dropping Out: The story of a 35-year-old woman with a mysterious past that returns to finish high school and ends up changing the life of many people, including herself. Starring Ryoko Yonekura as the 35-years-old Baba Ayako.

4 – Death Note: It starts really bad but gets really awesome. It’s not very loyal to the manga or the anime story but it keeps it interesting. The fans opinions about it are very controversal, some of them love it and some of them hate it. So it’s the kinda of thing you really must watch to draw your own conclusions. Starring Kubota Masataka as Raito Yagami (his “Kira face” is pretty awesome), Kento Yamazaki as L and Hinako Sano as Misa Amane. I also wrote 2 reviews about it here and here if you want to learn more.

Raito Yagami and Ryukuu from Death Note

Raito Yagami (Masataka) and Ryukuu from Death Note

5 – Yamada-kun and the seven witches: Also based on a manga/anime, somewhat loyal to the original story. With Yusuke Yamamoto as Yamada Ryu and also starring Mariya Nishiuchi as the first witch Urara Shiraishi. As expect from the doramas she works, with lots of funny moments.

6 – Rebound: It criticizes japanese over skinny standards through the very funny story of a young woman who struggles with her weight to keep her job at a fashion magazine. Things got messy when she falls in love with a Pâtisserie chef. Starring Aibu Saki as Oba Nobuko.

7 – Wild Mom (Abarenbou Mama): Very touching but also very fun Dorama. It’s about a young woman who suddenly becomes her husband’s son “new mommy”. Starring Aya Ueto as Ayu.

8 – Itazura na Kiss (Misschievous kiss) – Love in Tokyo and Itazura na Kiss 2 – Love in Okinawa: It’s a very good adaptation of a manga series and probably one of the funniest dorama series I’ve watched lately.  It’s about a plain girl who falls in love with the most handsome and intelligent boy of her class (kind cliché, I know – but certainly worths watching). It’s nice to see how their relationship develops from nothing (or despise, maybe?) into real love. Starring Yuki Furukawa (I also adore him) as Irie Naoki and the cute Honoka Miki as Kotoko.

Honoka Miki as Kotoko from Itazura na Kiss

Honoka Miki as Kotoko from Itazura na Kiss

9 – Last Cinderella: About a middle age woman who lives a lonely life when suddenly a beard thread appears on her face. Her friends say it’s because she’s too manly. It kinda criticizes japanese patriarchal society as well. I really like one of its theme songs called “Last Love” by Rihwa.

Starring Ryoko Shinohara, co-starring Naohito Fujiki as Rintaro Tachibana and the ubberly cute Miura Haruma! ❤

Ryoko Shinohara as Toyama Tomoya from Last Cinderella

Ryoko Shinohara as Sakura Toyama from Last Cinderella

10 – Kokoro ga Pokitto ne: And at last but not least you definitely must watch Kokoro ga Pokitto ne. It’s a very emotional story about 4 very different people whose lives got completely entwined. With an amazing cast like:

Abe Sadao as Kojima Haruta (I didn’t know this actor before but he totally won my heart with this role)
Mizuhara Kiko as Hayama Miyako
Fujiki Naohito as Otake Shin (He also appears in Last Cinderella)
Yamaguchi Tomoko as Kamoda Shizuka
Tokunaga Eri as Itoyama Fumi
Yamashita Rio as Makino Eriko
Nagase Tasuku as Tomita Ryo
Ikezu Shoko as Shoji Kayoko

You should probably prepare your tissues, tears may come out :~

Most of these Doramas can be legally watched through Crunchyroll 😉


My Dog Got Sick

I mentioned before that my dog was sick but was recovering. Unfortunately he’s got badly sick a little afterwards – While I was overseas he was infected with a protozoan called Giardia. He was treated and by the time I returned home he was almost 100% healthy again. But then, while still on treatment for giardia, he started to show all the symptoms again so the treatment continued and he’s got even worse.

My dog

My dog “Raik”, while doing fuild therapy – It was horrible to see him like that

My dog has always been a little “annoying”, he’s the yapping kind, full of energy and loves food above almost anything in the world. So when he reached the point where he stopped eating or drinking and would prefer to be laying down somewhere all day I got really desperate and took him to another vet.

First I want to say that I don’t blame the previous vet for anything. I think all the procedures he made were reasonable, but I think sometimes you are so close to the problem that you can’t see straight and maybe that’s what happened.

Anyway, I took him to a new vet and he said that since my dog was being treated for Giardiasis for so long it was really unlikely that he was still infected, it must be something else that was causing those symptoms and he was going to start over from the scratch. He requested many exams like Blood tests, X-Rays and Ultrasound and he found out my dog was suffering from Pancreatitis. He then started a new treatment and slowly my dog is slowly getting healthy again.

(In short: Pancreatitis is a very bad disease where the Pancreas starts to digest itself. The symptoms can be very similar to those of Giardiasis)

At the waiting room of the new vet, he was probably feeling a lot of pain. But fortunately that was the begning of his recovery

At the waiting room of the new vet, he was probably feeling a lot of pain. But fortunately that was the beginning of his recovery

It was horrible to see him the way he was – like an empty shell of himself. I felt a little frustrated because I’m studying to be a vet and it seemed like I couldn’t do anything to save my own dog. Felipe (my boyfriend) said I shouldn’t bother, I just left my freshman year and there’s still a lot for me to learn, but still…

My whole family was seriously worried about him and I must thank my mother greatly for being such a huge help taking care of him.

My dog is now all crazy about food again, he’s yapping and annoying all neighbours again, almost all symptoms are gone and I’d say he’s around 80% of full recovery, thanks goodness!

So here’s my advice: sometimes you really need a second opinion, about all things in life. Because sometimes people are too close to the problem to see streight.

Surviving Disturbing Classes

I’m having a class called Criação e Produção Animal (something like Livestock production and management) at college. It’s basically about how to handle cattle, chickens and pigs for the meat industry and maximize profits. Which means: about all the things that bother me and that I really despise. I guess I don’t need to mention I feel very uncomfortable at this class, right?

And although the teacher does seem like a good person, she is (like many) openly in favor of animal slavery testing and consumption. Since I’m studying to be a veterinary physician, there isn’t much I can do about it but sit in there quietly and try to endure it.

You see, I consider my university a good one. Compared to others in Brazil it is far more concerned about animal welfare. We use anatomic models in classes (check the picture below), the university doesn’t keep caged animals for experimentation, things like that. But this class is (unfortunately) mandatory for the course because many vets work in this area.


My “oh my gosh. I don’t wanna mess this up” face while testing an anatomic model fake “blood” during anatomy class.

I’m also the only vegetarian in my class and I don’t wanna be that annoying veg who’s always complaining about everything and trying to force people into their convictions because I don’t think that’s the right way to do it. So I try not to argue much during those classes, but sometimes it gets really difficult to remain silent. 😦

I’m accepting tips on how to keep a clear state of mind while I listen to my teacher talking about farms, breeding, slaughter, murderer… What I usually do now is just to take a deep breath, stare at a wall and hope for the time to pass quickly. It kinda works. Well, sometimes at least.

Have any of you ever experienced somethig like that? What did you or do you do in this kind of situation?

Off topic: Since it’s getting really hot lately, this week I had my dog’s hair shaved. I did it myself and I think he looks definitely cute!

Raik seemed to like his new haircut as well