Amazonian typical dish: Tacacá

Tacacá” is a northern Brazilian kind of soup and although its recipe can have some variations, it’s usually made of Tucupi (a yellow sauce extracted from cassava), Goma (a sticky cream, also made out of cassava), Jambu leaves (a kind of herb with a very singular taste that makes your mouth feel a little numb) and shrimp. It was originally created by native-brazilian people and even nowadays its traditionally served inside a native recipient called “Cuia” (you can see it at picture below).


My “shrimp-free” Tacacá, inside a “Cuia”. That chocolate tablet on the table is also made of a typical northern brazilian fruit called Cupuaçu (and it tastes amazingly good).

It’s a very hot dish, a little spicy (and can get even spicer if you wish), sour and bittersweet at the same time. As you can imagine, It’s not easy to describe how it tastes like, it’s something you gotta try by yourself. It’s also low-calorie, around 123 kcal per serving (1 Cuia). It resembles a Japanese Ramen (without the noodles), you even eat it using a kind of chopsticks.

The ingredients are usually stored in separated recipients and only mixed together when it’s time to serve, so you can choose the ones you want and the ones you don’t. Mine’s obviously without shrimp and I like to add some onions and parsley into it.

Felipe and I wearing our best dumb-faces at the “Tacacá da Tia Socorro”! ;D

It’s a typical and really popular dish in Manaus and can be found in many different places, from street vending tents to fancy restaurants. The one I usually go is the “Tacacá da Tia Socorro” (Aunt Socorro’s Tacacá), it’s located in the “Shopping dos carros mall” at Av. Djalma Batista 2010, Chapada. If you are going to visit Manaus, make sure to try it 😀

"Tacacá da tia Socorro" entrance, one of the many places where you try Tacacá in Manaus.

“Tacacá da tia Socorro” entrance, one of the many places where you try Tacacá in Manaus.


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