Going back home

So, tomorrow I’m going on my long journey back to Brazil. Although I’ll spend more than 24h hours between airports and flights, I cannot lie: I’m really excited about finally getting back home! 😁


Taken that day at the “blue and the red museums”

This all-alone-trip to the USA was a good experience though. First of all, I made some awesome friends which I hope I can stay in touch even though we live at different places. And I was also able to think deeply about many things in my life and figured out home is not really about a place, it’s about people who make you feel like home – and that’s a important lesson I’ll keep for the rest of my life.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s been part of this, specially to my teacher Regina Ress, to the SFUAD staff member Wendy (probably the kindest person I ever met and who helped me to “save my nose” many times), to the whole SFUAD staff, to my classmates and to the people I met along the way. Thank you! Thank you Santa Fe, “the city different”. Thank you all! I’ll never forget you and I hope our paths will get crossed someday/somehow again. 😊

3 thoughts on “Going back home

    • Certainly Manaus, where I live. Although it’s quite hot, it’s very very beautiful! Other places in the Amazon region too. If you like the cold (and chocolate) there are Gramado and Canela at Rio Grande do Sul. If you like big cities, there’s São Paulo. If you enjoy beaches there’s Rio and many other cities at the northeast of the country. Brazil is an amazing place, you’d probably enjoy just about anywhere 🙂

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