Tent Rock Hike

Tent rocks, also called hoodoos, are tall and thin spires of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badlands. The Kasha Katuwe national monument in New Mexico is a group of tent rock formations located inside the Cochiti pueblo. Its opened to visitors who want a day of adventure hiking and trailing through the stunning beauty of those rocks.


It’s an amazing place, just don’t forget your sun lotion!

It’s around one hour driving from Santa Fe and you can choose your path between the Canyon trail and the Cave loop, both amazing at their own ways. During your trail you can be in touch with desert vegetation such as dead piñions, nurture plants and manzanita, reptiles, baby tent rocks and sand dunes.


Choose your path!

It’s strongly recommended that you remain with a group of other people (It doesn’t need to be a large one though) and don’t try “funny things”, since the floor can be slippery and there may be snakes around. Nevertheless, it definitely worths visiting!


Selfie at the bottom of the mountain? Why not? :~



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