The Blue and the Red Museums in Santa Fe, NM

Today my vacation English immersion class and I visited the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture and the Museum of international Folk Art in Santa Fe, NM. The places host a big variety of interesting pieces, from ancient Indian turquoise jewelry to the origins of the red color, I pet named them “The Blue and the Red Museums”.


Worse part of the visit: choose from which museum you are going to start your tour ;P

Most of assets being displayed at the Musem of Indian Arts and Culture belonged to the Navajo and the Apache people. They have clothing, pottery, paintings, sculptures, archeological artifacts and many many turquoise pieces. There you can also listen to some of the “Pueblos” languages and music, and they sound very beautiful.


We are not allowed to take pictures from the inside of the museums, but even their outsides are stunning!

One thing that certainly caught my eye was a painting of a traditional Japanese and a Native American women together. As a reference to the Bering Strait Theory, which my grandfather and I are strong supporters.

You can walk around the museum by yourself or have a guided tour, I did a bit of both but unfortunately we are not allowed to take pictures from the inside.


Purple is my number one favourite color and guess what? It’s made out of blue and red! 🙂

At the Museum of international Folk Art you can travel back in time and find more about “The red that colored the world” (currently on exhibition). You see, human beings are one of the selected species who are actually able to see the color red (for your information, dogs and cats can’t). And it only spread around the world by the 16th century Mexico, when Spanish explorers encountered the cochineal beetle in an Aztec Marketplace.

Unfortunately, Conchineal beetles are used even today in the food industry. Like to color some strawberry yogurts, for example.  


Yes, I did (and blue as well)!

There are other interesting places nearby and although we didn’t go there I’m sure they are all as worthy as the Blue and Red ones. If you’re in Santa Fe, you should definitely spare some time to go and visit those places. There’s history, there’s culture and there’s plenty of art.


I bought this little fella there. It looks exactly like a small hare that shows up everyday at the SFUAD campus and it’s probably one of the cutest things in the world! I asked Felipe to name it and, well… meet “Van Dame”, the plushie hare (Although I feel like just calling it “Hoppy”)! ;D

For more information about those museums, please check on their websites:


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