Dorama: Death Note

Death note is one of the most successful manga/anime series of all times, with several live action movies and a recent (July 2015) adaptation into a Japanese TV series (Dorama). There’s currently only one episode out available on Crunchyroll and, being a Death Note fan myself, I took my time to watch it. And I’m rather disappointed but I hope it’s going to get better.



Raito Yagami and Ryukuu from Death Note

[Warning, probably contain minor spoilers]

They changed way too many things. I’m not against Those artistic changes, it usuallyhelps to keep the story interesting on new adaptations, but I think they changed what they weren’t supposed to. For a start, they seem to be trying to transform Raito Yagami into a lawful good hero who slowly “turns to the Dark side”, which was never the case about him. Raito was a brilliant young man who felt bored about his life, he was never too considerate of others, he was a regular person with a good and a bad side, who forced himself into social conventions, like most people do. At the new Dorama series, he even seems to be dim-witted which is outrageous to the original character. He was a crime genius!



Amane Misa

 At the new adaptation, he’s an ambitionless guy, a fact that the series try to explain by his father being too much of a workholic and he probably doesn’t wanting to be like him. And as he gets used to his new “powers” he slowly becomes corrupted, which could work on another plot, but seriously? They  even turned him into a big fan of Misa and, on the original story, their relationship was clearly one sided with her platonic love towards him and he just using her. Although there’s an average character development during the first episode, it was still not enough. And definitely not convincing.




The outstanding soundtrack of the anime series was completely neglected as well and Ryuku CGs aren’t that great. The only characters who kept being interesting was L and Mr. Yagami (Raito’s father). Nevertheless, I’m still going to keep watching this series to see where it goes. One episode is not enough to form a strong opinion, but so far I’m certainly not impressed.

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