My arrival in the USA

I arrived in the USA yesterday, It was a way long trip (17h hours total from Manaus airport to Santa Fe University of Art and Design). I’ve been to Miami (FL) and Dallas (TX) airports before I finally got to Albuquerque (NM) “sunport”. There I had to wait another hour for the University bus to come and get us to Sanfa Fe.

this picture was taken at the Albuquerque airport (aka sunport) while we waiting for our shuttles

Luckily I wasn’t alone. Other people came with me to same immersion course and we quickly became friends, one of them is even my roommate here now.

The bus trip to Santa Fe was very pleasant despite my tiredness, New Mexico has a very beautiful landscape. I’m still getting used to the weather though. It can get really really cold and really really hot on the same day!  


New Mexico beautiful landscape

Santa Fe University of Art and Design has a nice campus and the (veggie) flood tastes good. The whole staff is very cool and friendly. 


Santa Fe University of Art and Design entrance

After I arrived here, o had to fill a few forms and received an ID tag (I’m supposed to wear all the time), the key to my dorm, a water bottle, sunglasses and a backpack. I’m staying at the King Hall dorms.

The campus have a cafeteria, a gym (will only be opened from tomorrow on), a movie theater, the dorms, a laundry and a library.

This is my bed at the dorm and the things I received after enrollling here – notice everything is purple. Purple is my color! ❤

There are lots of students and teachers from many countries but classes will only start tomorrow since there are still people who haven’t arrived yet (including another roommate of mine). They came either to the English Immersion Course and or to the Art Festival. 

My super cool roomate (and flightmate), Jullyana and I in the bus to Santa Fe

And the greatest things so far: Donuts (love then) and vegetarian food everywhere! There’s a full vegetarian restaurant right next to the campus. And even the SFUAD cafeteria always offers vegetarian options on their menu.

The Veggie restaurant

We have a few workshops and events scheduled for the weekends like visiting an animal protection center and a flea market, an amusement park, hiking and swimming. I’ll try to keep you updated about everything, so stay tuned!

PS: I created a snapchat account (although I’m still getting used to it, add “gvermehren”) . I’m also uploading some videos to the blog’s YouTube channel (link on the bottom of this page).

Definately the best cookies I ever tasted


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