Anime Review: Kiseijuu (Parasyte, the maxim)

Kiseijuu (寄生獣 Parasyte, the maxim) is a manga series written and ilustrated by Hitoshi Iwaaki and published in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine from 1988 to 1995.  It was adapted into an anime series (currently streamed by Crunchyroll) and two live action movies in 2014. And although I read a lot of manga, I’m not really into anime lately. But Kiseijuu is one big exception!

Kiseijuu (Parasyte, the maxim) characters poster

Kiseijuu (Parasyte, the maxim) characters poster

It’s probably one of the best anime series I’ve watched in years. Since I finished Death Note I felt a huge gap on anime I could trully enjoy. It’s not that good series were not released, it’s just that they didn’t get to me. Like I said here, I need to relate to what I’m watching somehow and lately no anime could fill this gap, until I watched Kiseijuu (which was actually introduced to me by Felipe).

Shinichi - One of the most breathtaking characters of all times!

Shinichi – One of the most breathtaking characters of all times!

The story is about a boy named Izumi Shinichi whose life suddenly changes when a mysterious outbreak starts and he gets “infected”. Under a horror science fiction background, Kiseijuu explores deep down some of the biggest life questionings like “who are we?” and “what are we here for?”.  As well as the relationship between human beings and others species on the planet and the human condition itself. The opening song “Let Me Hear” is amazing (despite its “Engrish“), the voice actors made an incredible job and the whole anime series is so high quality that you will certainly be mesmerized.

A little sketch of Migi, one of Kiseijuu characters I did during a Paraistology class. Yeah, I got inspired!

A little doodle I did during Parasitology class (Yeah, it got me inspired). It’s “Migi”, one of Kiseijuu’s (more charismatic) characters.

The award wining manga series is just as good. I haven’t watched the live action movies yet, but the teasers surely got me interested. So if you’re looking for a good plot, well-developed characters and an awesome art, I strongly recommend Kiseijuu for you. However, bear in mind that it can get a little too graphic sometimes.

(Kiseijuu’s live action Pt. 1 trailler)


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