This week in my life: Veggie food, Games and Horses

So yay! This is the first post on the “This week in my life” series and I’m gonna start it with food. More specifically, veggie food. Yummy!
Today i found a new place to eat, It’s located at the second floor of the Manauara Shopping in Manaus and it’s called “Mariposa” (The Moth). It provides a huge variety of vegetables and grains apart from its regular (non-veggie sadly) menu in a all-you-can-eat self-service style. ūüėÄ

Mariposa’s veggie buffet table, my launch on that day and Mariposa’s entrance

Also, every single thing on their buffet table have¬†small tags on them with their names written in English and Portuguese. So if you don’t speak Portuguese there’s nothing to worry about.

Still talking about food, Dungeons & Burgers staff is going on a two weeks vacation for reformation. They plan to reopen their doors again on July 8th. Since at that time I’ll be in USA and only return in August it`ll take even longer for me to pay them a new visit. So last friday¬†(their last opened day before reformation) I was there eating my beloved Elven veggie burger and playing Mice and Mystics with Felipe and some friends.


My Elven veggie burger (soy meat, tofu, beam sprouts, shiitake and shimeji mushrooms) and our Mice and Mystics match at Dungeons & Burgers last opened day before reformation.

Also on friday¬†my sister and I went to donate blood. Unlike other countries, in Brazil you don’t receive any compensation ($) for that, except feeling good about yourself (which is compensating enough in my opinion). And you¬†do feel good knowing that¬†perhaps you are saving a life with such a small and EASY¬†gesture. My sister however didn’t feel so well, it was her first time after all and her pressure dropped a little. But¬†she still plans to donate again some other time (what a girl!).

As I told you here, I’m a veterinary medicine student at Uninorte – Laureate University and yesterday¬†we had our first practical¬†class with horses.
One of the things I like most about Uninorte is that unlike many¬†other colleges, the animals welfare is of a great concern. Uninorte even have some alternative methods to the use of live animals on regular classes, like the anatomic models (I’ll talk more about them another day). On this practical class we learned the basics of horses behavior, how to handle them properly and how to evaluate their¬†overall health. Although I had to wake up 6 AM on a Saturday (I have a problem waking up early in the morning), it was a good class.


Apache – The Horse and I / My classmates and I having class / My classmates, me and our teacher (the pretty lady on the left corner of the middle picture) / The very friendly pets of the ranch¬†and a beautiful mushroom sprouting i found. PS: I appologize for the crazy outfit I’m wearing. My brain doesn’t work so well early in the morning, specially for clothing ūüė¶

See you later!

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