Dungeons & Burgers

Although the numbers are increasing day after day, there aren’t many vegetarians in Brazil and these numbers are even shorter here in Manaus. You can see barbecue restaurants on every corner and vegetarian people are forced to have homemade meals for most of the times, which is pretty much healthier by the way. However, sometimes you just get tired of it, specially if you have non vegetarian friends who enjoy going out to chat and have meals together.

After I became vegetarian I experienced an isolated time from those friendly conventions since I didn’t have many options but simple salads. Luckily this picture is starting to change and nowadays there are much more options for vegetarian people to eat outside their homes. A good example is a restaurant called Dungeons & Burgers, which is one of my favorite places to go at this moment.

The super awesome

The super awesome “Elven” burger (soy burger, tofu, beam sprouts, shitaki and shimeji mushrroms) and some cool games

They present an approach that’s getting really popular, which is joining food and games together. Do you hate having to wait so long for you meals? Well, you won’t even notice the time if you’re having a really good time with your friends playing some board games. And that’s what “D&B” is betting on.

The entire place is very cozy. Large tables, nice decoration, neat and clean. As soon as you enter there you can choose from a great variety of games to play while you’re waiting for your order to come. Genius, huh? And more important: Dungeons & Burgers is one of the few places to offer vegetarian options around (and they are so delicious that even non vegetarian people will enjoy them) like the “Elven” Burger (soy burger, beam sprouts, tofu, shitaki and shimeji mushrooms) and the “Veggie Dice” (special bread, eggplants, tomatoes and lettuce).


Dungeons & Burgers Strawberry Milk Shake and the Love Letter game

Along with your burgers and sandwiches you’re allowed to choose from a great variety of sauces, natural juices, shakes and sodas. They also have some good deserts like the Fruit Sundae and even some alcoholic drinks like whisky, beer and the famous Brazilian caipirinha.


The “Veggie Dice” (special bread, eggplants, tomatoes and lettuce)

From the games list, I’d like to highlight King of Tokyo (2-5 players), Coup (a fun card game, something between a “detective style” game and poker) and Mice and Mystics (a traditional board RPG game).


Desserts: The Fruit Sundae

If you are planing to visit Manaus, Dungeons & Burgers is a place you definitely must go. You can make a reservation through the phone number +55 92 994770407 (Brazil, Amazonas)


Feeling like having a happy hour? They offer some good drinks like the tradicional brazilian caipirinha

Dungeons & Burgers opens from 6PM to 11PM (Wed-Sat) and is located at Av. Via Lactea, 100, Adrianópolis. If you need more information, this is their Facebook page.

Me, Felipe and some friends of ours playing King of Tokyo at Dungeons &Burgers

Me, Felipe and our friends Asami-chan and “AKC” playing King of Tokyo at Dungeons & Burgers


IMG_1420 PS: Dungeons & Burgers shared my post on their official page. Thanks “D&B”! 😀
All pictures taken by Dungeons & Burgers staff and friends.


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