Late post: Brazilian “Valentine’s day”

Unlike other parts of the world, Brazil has a different tradition for “Valentine’s day” (or more likely “Sweethearts day”). Probably because the most influential religion in Brazil is the Catholicism, It’s celebrated on June 12th. The day before St. Anthony’s day, traditionally seen as the Patron of the weddings (got the reference?). On this day, boyfriends and girlfriends are expected to give presents and do romantic things for each other (just like Valentine’s Day on February).

This year, I received some wonderful gifts from Felipe: Two pairs of really cute flats and a totally awesome Loki’s figure (have I mentioned I love Loki?) from Disney Infinity Game. 🙂


My totally awesome Loki’s figure and the cute pairs of (custom made) flats

Felipe is completely addicted to those “Pop” dolls by Funko. He just can’t keep himself from buying a new one every time he sees them. So, this year I gave him another asset for his (huge) collection. May I introduce you the dancing “Groot”:


Felipe’s “brazilian valentine” gift: The dancing Groot. I had to buy it online because I couldn’t find it anywhere here in Manaus

And so far you might be thinking “Brazilian “Valentine’s” day seems like a completely capitalist date (like many others)” and you’re probably right but does it honestly really matter? It’s a day to celebrate love. And we better celebrate it! 😉


Just in case you were wondering how big is Felipe’s collection, this is a PART of it. And yes, he never takes them out of their boxes.

What about you? Do you live in Brazil? What did you give/get from Brazilian “Valentine’s”?

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