Why am I a vegetarian?

I became fully vegetarian in 2013. It wasn’t an easy proccess, giving up on meat can be really difficult. There was once a time I read a comparisson between eating meat and drugs abuse and I think it couldn’t be more perfect. But thankfully I succeeded! 🙂

(People often ask me

People often ask me “but Giselle, what do you eat?”. Well, that’s a good and delicious example: homemade salad with lettuce, peanutes, grapes, palmito, mushrooms and garlic

Eating meat is related to many health issues like cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and even global warming, not to mention animal suffering.

Like I said here I’m not a religious person, I consider myself agnostic but I do have a strong spiritual side. I don’t believe human lives are superior, we are all microscopic to the Universe. Thus said, all life should be respected, human or not!

(Yup, that's not

Yup, that’s not “real” meat. That’s soy meat with rice, peas and broccoli. Yummy! 🙂

But “life feeds on life“, you may say. “Zebras eat grass, lions eat zebras and so on“, yes, that’s correct. But if human beings are different from other creatures in any way is that humans are morally capable of telling right from wrong. And that makes us much more responsible for how we treat other species. Causing suffering to other sentient creatures (that feel pain/pleasure and are aware of it) knowing that there are other alternatives is just not good. That’s why I don’t feel I have the right to eat animals and I don’t.

(Another deliciously amazing example: tofu and tomatoes pasta)

Another deliciously amazing example: mushrooms, tofu and tomatoes pasta

I also avoid wearing leather, wool and doing anything that’s related to other creatures suffering and abuse. You see, by creatures I include humans too. I’m telling you this because lately I’ve notice many people are so freaked out about animal suffering that seem to forget that humans do suffer as well and we are all sentient creatures, no suffer is more or less important. It doesn’t matter if its an animal or a child. Suffering is suferring and it’s awful, period.

So, by chosing not eating meat I’m trying to do my part for a better world. I know it’s little, I know it will hardly make any difference, but I’m doing what I can. Can you imagine how wonderful the world could be if everyone would do the same?

Tired of homemade meals? No problem! There are many vegetarian burgers nowadays, even here in the middle of the Amazon. Like this one: The super awesome

Tired of homemade meals? No problem! There are many vegetarian burgers nowadays, even here in the middle of the Amazon forest. Like this one: The super awesome “Elven” burger (soy meat, tofu, beam sprouts, shitaki and shimeji mushrooms) from Dungeons & Burgers. Yummy! ;P

And I’ll end this post by asking you: are positively doing everything you can to make a better world? If you are, that’s great! Keep it up. But if you’re not, what about take the first step right now? Anything, the smallest thing, can make a real big difference!

(This is a video from PETA called Glass Walls. It has some shocking/graphic images but I strongly recommend you to watch and think about it. It’s in English with Portuguese subtitles)

6 thoughts on “Why am I a vegetarian?

  1. It’s just awesome the way you treat people on the internet! And i have to say that is to difficult to turn into a veggie. I tried for like two months and then i realize that i wasn’t happy . Something was missing on my nourishment on the weekends. I needed to eat pizza with bacon and salami and other delicious things.


  2. I’d like to be vegetarian too, but I think it would be extremely hard and expensive for me right now, as I don’t like veggies. Maybe someday I’ll be able to change it and stop eating animals.

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    • Well, your wish alone to become veggie is already a great step! Take your time, do what you can. There are many many ways to make a better world. And I know you already do a lot and will keep doing it! ^^



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