So here I am

I’m not an usual Brazilian girl, I don’t belong to most common stereotypes, I don’t blend in but I also don’t stand out in an extraordinary way. That’s why I’m a one leaf clover. Not a regular clover but not the lucky type either.

Giselle Star Dress

(Me, on my bed, inside my room)

I’m a veterinary medicine student, used to be a little fat and that’s why I fight hard against my weight (so far I’m winning), I’m a vegetarian, which means I don’t enjoy barbecues and feijoadas (like most brazilians do). I like fashion, nature, travels, movies, the Universe and all health related stuff.

I’m 5’3 ft height (160cm) and weight 112 lbs (50kg). Capricorn, O+. I have a black and tan Pomeranian dog called Raik. My nickname is Pyxis, because of the star constellation (not some anime or anything) and that’s the name I use on most games I play. I’m totally fascinated by the stars and the Universe (do I need to mention I’m a complete Star Wars freak?). And althought I like physics I’m not good at Math… at all! 😐

I live in Manaus, a big city in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest but I’ve been to most places in Brazil, from north to south. I’ve visited USA a few times and I plan to visit Japan soon (as well as Europe, Africa, Antarctica, other places in America…). I’m not a religious person but I do have a spiritual side.

My mother tongue is brazilian Portuguese but I can also understand Spanish and a little bit of Japanese. I may struggle with my English sometimes but I’ll try my best 😉

Aaaaand this is my blog and the world according to my point of view. I hope you like it and feel free to comment 🙂

(Raik squeazing himself through my computer chair, trying to get my attention)

(My dog “Raik” squeazing himself through my computer chair, trying to get my attention)

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