English immersion course at Santa Fe University of Art and Design

My college belongs to the Laureate Network and this summer I’m going to join an English immersion course at Santa Fe University of Art and Design (that also belongs to Laureate). It’s located in New Mexico and I hope I can get to Roswell eventually since I don’t think I’ll ever be that close from there again. When I was a kid I was really into that whole aliens thing and it’s like a dream coming true… somehow.

But I am kind anxious about it, it’s the first time I’ll be so far from home and all “alone”.

For the past decade I’ve never been anywhere without my boyfriend Felipe and it’s a little scary. My dog is probably going to miss me as well. He’s a 8 years old little Pomeranian called Raik who’s never been away from me for so long before. 😦

Giselle and Felipe

Felipe and I during a trip in the middle of the river “Rio Negro”, Manaus-AM. We’ve been always always always together for the past 10 years, this experience is going to be really challenging. Ok I admit it, I’ve grown a little too dependent.

Obviously there’ll be other students and even some teachers from my college there, but it’s still terrifying. I’ll have to do mostly anything on my own, all the time (for almost a whole month)! It’s probably going to be a good experience and an opportunity to be more mature and wise… but still terrying!

I’ll post some pictures later. For now, check SFUAD website:


(They even have a gym, yay!)

4 thoughts on “English immersion course at Santa Fe University of Art and Design

  1. Congratulations, Gi ^^ I never heard about that English immersion course. How does it works? I’m sure everything will be fine, just enjoy the experience and don’t forget to take a lot of pictures and post here

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    • I applied for it at the international office on my college and a few weeks ago they told me I was accepted!
      Thanks, I’ll sure take tons of pictures! 😀



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